fresh porterhouse steak with sprig garnish


OUR MISSION:  to produce the highest quality products for consumers and our families while caring for our livestock and protecting the environment.

We can assure you that our USDA inspected beef grades Choice, 5 Star Reserve and Prime and our hundreds of customers will tell you the same! 

Enjoy with the satisfaction of a quality product delivered from our family to yours each and every time. 

Pleasant View Beef
The Lewis family posing for pictures in a field of sunflowers.

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Where We Are Located

Located in southern Michigan and easily accessible from Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Jackson, and Ann Arbor.

What Are The Different Cuts of Beef?

A cow is broken down into what are called primal cuts, the main areas of the animal which include the loin, rib, round, flank, chuck, sirloin, brisket and more.

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Outlines, as if drawn on a chalkboard, of various cuts of meat.