Frequently Asked Questions

Three cows in the barn.

What Makes Our Farm Special?

Our cows are raised humanely and fed a carefully crafted diet informed by nutritionists and monitored with care. Backed by over 80 years of agricultural experience, our beef tells a flavorful story.

Do you deliver or offer curbside?

Yes, we do offer curbside pickup! You can call or order online, and we can bring your order out to your car when you arrive. We do not currently offer delivery, but it is something we are looking into.

How do I contact Pleasant View Beef and what are the hours of the Farm Store?

We are open Monday through Friday 10am-5:30pm and Saturday 10am-1pm.

4840 N Sand Lake Road
Jonesville, MI 49250

What’s getting ground into the ground beef?

Our ground beef is 100% pure ground round. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away.

Are there antibiotics and hormones in our meat?

No. We grow almost all of our own feed, and employ a cattle nutritionist. We don’t use antibiotics and due to careful nutrition maintenance and care our cows rarely if ever get sick. If a cow becomes ill and requires antibiotics, they are pulled aside for a set amount of time regulated by the federal government to ensure that your meat is antibiotic-free and ready to eat.

What is the difference between the products for sale online and in the Farm Store?

Our online store is focused primarily on beef products raised right here at Pleasant View  Beef. If you visit our Farm Store at 4840 N Sand Lake Road, Jonesville, MI 49250. You will find not only our beef but a carefully curated selection of products such as cheese, gifts, jerky, and the chocolate milk we’re famous for bringing to local events. These products are selected only after local recommendations and our own testing.

Do you offer shipping?

We do not currently offer shipping, but it is something we are looking into. We do offer convenient curbside pickup in our farm store, located at 4840 N. Sand Lake Road, Jonesville, MI 49250.