Our Family Farm

Pleasant View Beef is more than a family farm, it’s an agricultural calling.  We have always focused on sustainability. For over 80 years, our family has been deeply involved in agriculture and agricultural science.  Since 1941, the Lewis family has raised cattle.  We now primarily focus on the beef side.  But what remains is our commitment to quality products from our family to your family.  You can be confident that our products are PREMIUM, FLAVORFUL and most importantly...SAFE!!


fresh porterhouse steak with sprig garnish

Our Products

Since 1941, our family has been raising quality cattle.  We offer premium, DRY-AGED BEEF. Our beef is USDA Choice, Prime, and 5 Star Reserve - the highest quality BEEF SHIPPED directly TO YOU or VISIT our ON-FARM store in Jonesville, MI. 

Boneless Ribeye 24

Our Beef

Our cattle are cared for by our herdsman and his team. They are checked on in the morning, afternoon and evening.

They are free to roam around with access to barns where they have fresh feed and water 24 hours a day. Barns are naturally ventilated and cooled with fans in the summer for increased cattle comfort.

We work with a nutritionist and veterinarian who helps us to manage the cattle to ensure maximum health and nutrition. We raise cattle with no antibiotics or added hormones.  Our beef speaks for itself, naturally raised, exceptional quality that we consume as well as our customers.  

Three cows in the barn.